Reviews for Strand of Faith

Choices and Consequences Series

Post-apocalyptic paranormal romantic fantasy

Reviews for Strand of Faith

  • Touch My Spine Book Reviews : This was all that I expected plus more! I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and how magical it was! It was full of adventure with enjoyable characters. ... it worked out wonderfully with depth and an all around unique synopsis. Highly recommended!
  • Jessica Belmont : Rachel J. Bonner has crafted an incredibly entertaining and compelling story in Strand of Faith...I could not put this one down. The world was unique and I love the theme of choosing between love and life...each character is intriguing and relatable. I absolutely loved reading the story...if you enjoy stories about impossible choices and tension-filled plots then Strand of Faith is for you! I highly recommend checking this out. 
  • The Magic of Wor(l)ds : Thanks to the intriguing stories of the characters I had the urge to keep on reading...a plot full of tension and (impossible) choices made it for me one great read.  Recommendable! 
  • Writing with Wolves : The chemistry between characters leapt off of the page...the ending has made me want to pick up the sequel.
  • Jill : ...once I had started, I was hooked. It is essentially a love-story, but one which almost imperceptibly touches on a lot of challenging issues, with a quiet confidence.  Love or life? That's a good question. Well worth a read - now I want the next in the series.
  • Black Book Blogs : This is a brilliant book with a nice wide world that Rachel has created and the way she describes the characters add this extra level of depth to the book...a brilliant story full of intrigue and mystery with the main characters all interacting with each other perfectly and the way the story developed kept me hooked throughout.
  • Odd Socks and Lollipops : The quick pace, perfect balance between information and action along with the likeable characters made Strand of Faith a truly enjoyable read. It is a truly unique story and the elements are woven together so well.
  • The Midnight Review : It is a rare book where you find so many incredibly well written, well rounded characters. Rachel has taken the paranormal romance genre and turned it on its head.  
  • Nemesis Book Blog : What can I say about this book? It was pretty darn good! I can truly recommend this book to anyone that likes to read about choices and it has certainly paved the way for a fantastic series.
  • ZooLoo's Book Diary : Such an exciting concept executed so cleverly and uniquely. This is the start of such an exciting series and I cannot wait to see where we head off to next time.  
  • Donnasbookblog : I really enjoyed this story and I thought it was very well written. The characters were good and well developed and I really enjoyed their interaction. 
  • Jbronderbook reviews : This is a great story and wonderful start to a series. I really enjoyed it and am curious to see where it goes. 
  • Jess Bookish Life : It had an unique tone and storyline, with some twists that truly surprised me. It was the kind of book that take us on a journey in a different world, with fantasy and powers, and in the end it leave us needing the next book because you want to learn more about that world and the characters. 
  • Laura Morningstar : The characters are wonderfully developed and I enjoyed that their individual journeys. I enjoyed the book and found that it flowed well. I felt a connection to each of the characters, which is always a mark of good storytelling. 

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