Choices and Consequences Series

Post-apocalyptic paranormal romantic fantasy

Houses and People of the Choices and Consequences Series

Great House St Peter 
This is a religious house, based around a monastery. The main campus contains the monastery, convent, hospital, and college as well as accommodation for those who aren't monks or nuns. It is surrounded by a town but the territory extends much more widely than that. Its signature colour is blue, precious stone is sapphire and its logo is the crossed keys of St Peter.

Gabriel : Abbot of the monastery and High Lord of the Great House.
Eleanor : Sister to Gabriel, she runs the administrative and domestic side of the House. Eleanor has a daughter, Melanie.
Brother Benjamin : Head of the Hospital
Brother Richard : Runs the monastic side of the House
Sister Elizabeth : Runs the convent side of the House
Lady Sarah : Head of the College
Brother Pedro : In charge of catering
Brother Edward : In charge of all non-catering supplies
Sister Soraya : In charge of the gardens
Brother Joseph : In charge of music
Sister Chloe : Gabriel’s personal assistant
Prospero aka Perry : Ex monk, doctor, now married to Leonie, son of Mary and Michael of High House Deep River
Leonie : Ward and adopted daughter of Gabriel
Brother Andrew : Best friend to Prospero, who also becomes close friend to Leonie
Brother Nick : Doctor
Brother Mark : Techhnical expert
Alan : Brother Pedro’s deputy in the kitchens
Father Stephen : Runs a small satellite monastery some distance from the Great House campus
Henry : Doctor
Brother George : Doctor
Aidan : Ex monk, linguist, visiting House St Peter to cover for an absent lecturer
Melanie : Daughter to Eleanor, doctor, lives away from House St Peter. Married with small children.
Lucy : Physiotherapist.
Emmi : Runs a small café not far from the Great House St Peter campus, friend of Leonie’s
Ells : Husband to Emmi, works at the café
Liann : Cousin to Emmi, works at the café
Malcolm : Porter at the hospital and acquaintance of Leonie’s
Dee : Wife to Malcolm
Han, Att, Eth, Dan, Zac & Tre : Nestlings hiding out near Great House St Peter, taken to Taylor House
Jemmy : Young patient at the hospital, there with his mother 

Great House Tennant
This is a Sanctuary House, providing refuge to those in need. The main town and seat of governance is Castle Tennant. The signature colour is green, precious stone is emerald and the logo is a stylised fort.

Neville : High Lord of the Great House. Neville is widowed with two children, Daniel (deceased) and Lilyrose.
Lilyrose : Daughter to Neville, and one of his heirs
Brin : Cousin to Lilyrose, son of Neville’s younger sister, Naomi
Molly : In charge of the kitchens at House Tennant
Dervla : Resident at House Tennant, assigned as maid to Leonie
Declan : Resident at House Tennant, assigned as valet to Perry
Ronnie : Stableman

High House Deep River
Also known as Deep River Farm, part of the territory of Great House Tennant. Its logo is a set of three parallel wavy lines, and its signature colour is blue.

Mary : Youngest sister to Neville , High Lord of Great House Tennant
Michael : Married to Mary. Michael and Mary have several children. Michael is distantly connected with Great House Davis
Perry : Eldest son to Mary and Michael, married to Leonie . Normally resident at Great House St Peter
Matt : Son to Mary and Michael, handfasted to Chrissy. Works on Deep River Farm on the arable side.
Sam : Son to Mary and Michael, handfasted to Lizzie. Works on Deep River Farm on the animal husbandry side.
Jack & Eddie : Sons to Mary and Michael, identical twins who are never apart. They run a horse breeding and training business
Jenny : Daughter to Mary and Michael, died shortly after birth.
Jonny : Youngest son to Mary and Michael. Student. Girlfriend Emlee.
Amber : Perry's dog.

Deep River Town, part of the territory of High House Deep River
Thomas : Pastor of the church
Chrissy : School teacher, handfasted to Matt
Lizzie : Nurse practitioner and midwife, handfasted to Sam
Emlee : Student, girlfriend of Jonny
Alex : Nurse practitioner
Vern : Receptionist and Admin Manager at the surgery
Clare : Childhood friend of Perry, married to Paddy with three children
Paddy : Husband of Clare, of Trader descent.
Junior : Eldest child to Clare and Paddy
Helena : Youngest child to Clare and Paddy
Maggi : Paddy’s mother
Great Aunt Lettie : Honorary great aunt of everyone, descended from Traders.

Great House Lindum
Lindum is a secular house. Its signature colour is red, precious stone ruby and its logo is a stylised flower. It is normally at war with Great House Chisholm

Leon : High Lord of Great House Lindum. Leon has a large number of children.
Alfred (deceased) : Eldest child to Leon, married to Jessami. They also have a large number of children.
Robert : Second child to Leon
Stella : Third child and eldest daughter to Leon, married to Mason of House Lattys. Mother to Marie.
James : Youngest child to Leon, brought up with Alfred and Jessami’s children. James runs House Taylor.
Helena (deceased) : Oldest child to Alfred and Jessami, mother to Leonie.
Anthony : Second child to Alfred and Jessami.
Augusta (deceased) : Third child to Alfred and Jessami. Aunt to Leonie.

Great House Chisholm
Chisholm is a secular house. Its signature colour is white, precious stone diamond and its logo is a stylised flower. It is normally at war with Great House Lindum.

William : High Lord of Great House Lindum. William has a large family.
Fenella : Oldest daughter to William and his presumed heir.
Edmund : Twin with Jaim, and they are the youngest children of William. Edmund is married to Dayanna and they have one son, Jacob.
Jaim (deceased) : Twin with Edmund. Jaim is widely assumed to have been the father of Leonie. William will neither confirm nor deny this.

Great House Lattys
Another secular house, the logo of Lattys is a portcullis.

Mason : High Lord, married to Stella from Great House Lindum
Stella : Originally from Great House Lindum, married to Mason
Marie : Their daughter, once proposed as a marriage partner for Perry of Great House Tennant

Great House Eastern
A secular house, neighbouring Great House St Peter.

Anna-chesska : High Lord
Lesley : Visitor to Great House Eastern, doctor, was Perry’s first serious girlfriend when they were both students at Great House St Peter

Taylor House
Not a great house in the way that the others are, Taylor House is an orphanage on the border between Great House St Peter and Great House Lindum. Its logo is a cartoon zebra and its signature colour is a rainbow.

James : Youngest son of Leon of Great House Lindum, James runs Taylor House

Traders and Settlers
Traders are organised in caravans which take the name of their headwoman. The precious stone for the Traders as a whole is turquoise, and their logo is an eight spoked cartwheel. But each caravan has its own logo which is normally superimposed on the cartwheel.

Caravan Katila (formerly Caravan Katya)
Katya (deceased) : Headwoman of the caravan when Leonie was with it.
Katila : Current Headwoman
Ethan : Merchant

Caravan Karina (at Great House Tennant) 
Karina : Headwoman
Evan : Merchant

Settlers are Traders who have decided to stop travelling.

Merchant : Tobias Based in the town of Great House St Peter
Leah : Wife to Tobias
Simeon : Nephew to Tobias

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